Our Directorates

Ship Registration & Crewing

The Objective of the Directorate is to register Vessels of any type as long it meets the Registry standards according to the Maritime Trasport Act, 5 of 2006 and the Zanzibar Maritime Authority Act, 3 of 2009. The pre-registration formalities are user-friendly, and designed to meet international standards in relation to safety, Security and documentation and to protect the interest of shipowner's registering their vessels

The Directorate is Resposible for overseeing Seafarers welfare and issueing their Documents

Maritime Safety & Security

The Objective of the Directotare is to Provide expertise and services in the areas of Maritime Safety, Security, Environmental protection, Search and Rescue, Education, Training and Certification of Seafarers

As part of our safety and environmental responsibilities, we promptly investigate maritime casualties such as loss of lives resulting from overloading on boats, collision etc and take the appropriate actions. In partnership with other public agencies and institutions, we ensure the prevention of marine source pollution and protection of the marine environment.

Ports & Shipping Services

The Main Objective of the directorate is to regulate all Mamritime business activities in Zanzibar and create harmonious opportunity to maritime services providers according to the Zanzibar Maritime Authority Act. 3 of 2009 and the Maritime Transport Act. 5 of 2006.

The directorate also regulate Shipping and Ports Services in day to day activities, as well as to accumulate data of maritime transpotation and overseas and issued of licenses, consultation and permits of maritime serivices providers

Human Resources & Administration

The directorate’s objective is to provide expertise and services on human resources management, administration and public relation and customer care to the Institute