(1) Ownership: No restriction on nationality,

(2) (2) Age Limit : No age limit, except for passenger ships, not above 20 years.

(3) Types of Registration:

(a) Provisional Registration - a ship has changed its flag from foreign flag to Tanzanian flag

(b) Interim registration - - in case a transfer of ownership;

(c) Permanent registration- a period of provisional registration or interim registration has completed and ship-owners or company has finalized all arrangements for permanent registration

(d) Special registration-for a single voyage to scrap yard, or repair yard if the ship was formerly in foreign flag or for a laid up status;

(e) Bareboat charter registration – in case a ship in bareboat charter and the charterer wishes to register his ship in Tanzanian registry.

(4) Documents required:

(a) For provisional registration :- application to register a ship;
copy of certificate of incorporation, poa or good standing certificate ( if over 1 year; a passport ( if an individual applicant) original declaration of eligibility, declaration of intent or declaration of bareboat charter;

original or certified copy of evidence of title( a builder’s certificate or bill of sale);

declaration of vessels non-involvement with criminal acts or omissions ( original or certified copy of International tonnage certificate);

Deletion Certificate or Letter of Undertaking (signed and stamped by the owner) proof of intention to cancel registration from foreign registry;

original or certified copy of certificate of mortgage, if any;

evidence that no liens recorded against the ship or the applicant payment of registration fees.read more.

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