Planning and Research Unit

The objectives of Planning and Research Unit is to provide expertise and services in Planning for the Authority and will be led by Head. The Activities of the Unit include the following but not limited to:-

(i) Offering advisory services to the Director General on formulation of short, medium and long term development plans of the Authority;

(ii) Responsible gauging the growth of the regulated sub-sectors in terms of efficiency, quality, standards and return on investment;

(iii) Establishment of user needs and requirements (i.e. demand) for regulated services;

(iv) Assessment and/or evaluate the adequacy of service provision ( i.e. supply);

(v) Initiation and coordination of performance criteria/standards for the regulated services;

(vi) Gathering of information on regulatory best practices and standards in similar institutions;

(vii) Preparation various reports and coordinate their dissemination;

(viii) To carry out periodic analysis of trends and developments pertaining to the regulated sub-sectors;

(ix) Conducting studies, research and propose their regulatory implications in the regulated transport sub-sectors;

(x) Developing and reviewing the corporate strategic plan and appropriately advises the management

(xi) Developing and reviewing the master plan and appropriately advises the management

(xii) Proposes effective strategies for mobilizing resources for implementing the Authority plans

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