Pemba Branch

The Functions of Pemba Branch

i) To Coordinate with Directorates on the needs of the Pemba Office by ensuring that they are provided for in the respective Directorates’ plans and budgets and consolidated into a single plan and budget for Pemba Office

(ii) To ensure that resources are made available to Pemba Office by instituting appropriate procedures of deployment or disbursements on a timely basis;

(iii) To ensure that Headquarters decisions are communicated to Pemba Office timely and prompt follow up on required action is made

(iv) To ensure that Pemba Office operational issues are resolved or brought to the attention of the respective Director and action is taken as appropriate

(v) To ensure that branch operations periodic performance reports are received and feedback provided as appropriate

(vi) To ensure the provision and management of a reliable state of the art communication link with all Pemba branch and between them.

(vii) To coordinate with Directorates in providing relief support to Pemba Office to ensure their sustainable operation

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