The Objectives of the Internal Audit Unit are to provide advisory services to the Director General in the proper management of Authority’s funds. The Unit will be led by Chief Internal Auditor and will perform the following functions:-

(i) Develops efficient and effective internal Audit systems,

(ii) Prepares and conducts periodic reviews of Internal Audit manuals which prescribes the internal audit approach, methodology, police
s, procedures and guidelines,
(iii) Prepares and ensures implementation of annual Internal audit plans and strategies,

(iv) Approves the Audit schedules and work plans,

(v) Ensures execution of internal audit assignments in all audit centres and for all operations of the Authority reports on the internal control weakness and recommend improvements,

(vi) Ascertains the reliability of management data and information,

(vii) Reviews management practices and accesses whether they promote efficiency, economy and effectiveness,

(viii) Reports cases of loses or attempt to occasion loss due to misuse of resources, misappropriation or frauds,

(ix) Ascertain compliance to applicable laws and regulations, internal polices and procedure, plan, budget, and financial regulations,

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